Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Silver Knight Chess Club Quads

Silver Knight Chess Club Quads -  Sunday, May 13th 2018. 
2:15 PM - 5:30 PM 

Pre-registration list added on the bottom page.

Portland Chess Club8205 SW 24th Ave, Portland, OR 97219

OR-OSCF Champ. Qualifiers

You must pre-register and pre-pay to attend. I will email back confirmation to everyone who is already registered. I will post all the names on Thursday. If less than 8 players are pre-registered, the event will be canceled.

To pre-register email the following information to
- Last name, First name- NWSRS ID - Date of the tournament when you will play

If the player does not have  NWSRS ID, please email the following information:
-  State
-  School
-  Grade
-  Date of birth

For payment click "Pay Now":

Number of players
Pre-registration close Sunday ( day of the tournament) at 10:00 AM
Tournament details:

Format: Players will be divided in 4 player sections (quads) by NWSRS rating;
Rating system: NWSRS and USCF if all the players in the same quad have up to date US Chess membership will be dual rated by default (just those quads).
Schedule: Check-In: 14:20-14:25; play will start at 14:30. Each quad will operate on its own schedule; games will be started as soon as possible. Quads involving younger players are expected to finish well in advance of those involving older, more experienced players. Awards for each section will be made as soon as that section is completed.

Notation: Players are encouraged to notate; players rated over 1000 are required to notate.

Time Control: G25/5 for time delay clocks; G/30 for analog and non-delay digital clocks. Please bring your clock, if you have one.

Prizes: First place trophy, second place medal, third place medal, 4th place - small chess accessories for each section.

Tiebreakers: Ties will be broken in this order: direct encounter, lower starting rating, highest number of games played with black pieces, younger age, coin flip..

Entry fee: $20.00 per player. Two or more siblings $17 per player. . 
Eligibility: All scholastic players, K-12.  

Contact: Andrei Botez
Phone: (503) 995-2888 

8205 SW 24th Ave

Portland, OR 97219

May 11th, 2018 5:00 PM

# Name ID Rtng

# Name ID Rtng Post
1 David Roshu HVMIL586  1710
2 Ryan Lu HPMGW376  1517
3 Cassandra Roshu HVMIM382  1473
4 Ethan Tran HVMIT148  1355
5 Ethan Truong HVMGP939  1309
6 Mark Wang LKGFW31V  1204
7 Forrest Holt RIKFL107  1079
8 Greer Hamilton TLPI   0 1079
9 Owen Ni OACBR27Q  1069
10 Deva Wheeler RBHFN937  1069
11 Andruw Bradetich TOBGR38W  1003
12 Owen Schlimgen RGMGV894  986
13 Mason Tran HVMGM266  852
14 Mckayla Truong SCUDP870  849
15 Darius Severin SRNFQ024  720
16 Jackson Bradetich TOBBQ34Q  687
17 Jackson Compton HCHAL301  672
18 Patrick Iacob CKSJS96C  660
19 David Rodriguez HRTEP962  633
20 Adrian Rodriguez HRTCT60E  400

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Practice Bishop and Knight checkmate online

Click in this  LINK You have to be able to do it under 50 moves!